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As a part of our Radiology Program, students learn how to operate medical imaging equipment such as CT scanners, MRI machines, and 3D medical imaging programs, among other computer and web-based software. Clerical duties, including as scheduling and managing documentation for both office and clinical apparatus, are also taught to students.

A radiologist (resident or faculty) will spend time with the students at the hospital to observe diagnostic and interventional procedures. When they spend time with technicians, they will learn about the patient's experience, as well as be offered readings to enhance their understanding.

The medical staff will supervise the following activities for our students:

Identifying the most appropriate radiography procedures based on a patient's clinical needs and medical history.

Perform several radiographic exams on patients in order to obtain high-quality images.

Assisting patients in the waiting, examination, and post-examination areas by keeping an eye on them and communicating with them.

Ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act and patient confidentiality by rapidly and accurately recording imaging identification and patient paperwork.

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